Bar Exam Applicants:

The Character and Fitness team is working to process applications as efficiently as possible under extraordinary circumstances and we ask for your patience as we do our best to navigate through the challenges presented to us. Likewise, know that we will be patient with you as you attempt to provide us with the information that we need to complete the certification process.

Please contact the Character & Fitness Department at if you have questions about your application.

Applicant Exam Portal

This application is ONLY for those seeking admission by sitting for the bar exam. If you are seeking admission to the State Bar of Michigan in another manner, return to the Bar Admissions tab on the State Bar of Michigan website.

The next step in the application process is to create a registration. CAUTION: The email you will use during registration will be the address at which both the State Bar of Michigan and the Board of Law Examiners will use to communicate with you during the pendency of your application and for matters concerning the bar examination. Make sure the address you provide is for an account that you check frequently and will maintain for the duration of the process.

Following registration, continue to the Login page and begin your application. There are instructions associated with most questions, both within the application questionnaire and on Step 2 of the State Bar of Michigan website. If, after thoroughly reviewing the instructions, you have questions, please contact State Bar staff at (517) 367-6510 or Please be advised that State Bar staff cannot provide you with legal advice about how to answer any question; if you are uncertain, you may wish to consult with an attorney, or faculty at your law school.