Navigating the Application

There are three major sections of the application.

  1. The first section consists of Welcome, Waiver & Release, Board of Law Examiners page, and Affidavit of Personal History page
  2. The second section consists of parts IXIII, question 1–56
  3. The third section consists of Review, Preview, and Finalize
The breadcrumbs running along the top of every page within the bar application

Move through these sections using the numbers and arrows at the top of the pages, the Next and Previous buttons, or the main navigation menu. You do not have to complete the application in the order presented.

The middle section makes up the bulk of the application and is broken into 13 parts, starting with Part I: Identification and ending with Part XIII: General Fitness.

Note to screen reader users: Throughout this middle section, the parts are numbered with roman numerals and might read as such. For example, Part 1: Identification might read as Part I: Identification. Special labeling has been added to circumvent roman numerals in most cases, but roman numeraling might remain in places.

Within each part, there will be one or more related questions. For example, in Part II: Education Background, there are five questions related to schools you have attended.

To answer a question, click the Answer Question button to the right of the question. A pop up will appear for you to enter data.

Note to keyboard users: The best way to navigate within a pop up is by using the Tab key. Other navigation methods may yield unpredictable results.

Some of the question pop ups have sidebar instructions and some do not. For those that do, the sidebar can be hidden using the Sidebar button at the top. To display hidden sidebar instructions, click the Sidebar button again.

A question pop up with the Sidebar button that can be used to hide or display the sidebar instructions

Required fields are indicated by the color red and an asterisk. Screen reader users will hear "required" or "required field."

A required field colored deep red and with an asterisk

Once a question is saved using the Save & Close button (or Save & Add Another button), the data is stored in the database. You can log out and back in at a future time and that data will be preserved.

If you abandon a question without clicking either Save & Close or Save & Add Another, that data will not be preserved. When you launch a pop up, you might want to scan through all the fields first to be sure that you have all the information necessary to complete the question.

Once a question is initially saved, the Answer Question button changes to an Edit button.

An example question unanswered and then answered

Some questions accept multiple entries. For example, if you attended more than one high school, you should add an entry for each school. Multiple submission questions can be answered in one of two ways:

  1. Enter data and then click the Save & Close button to close the pop up. Then, click the Answer Question button for that same question to get a new pop up for adding another entry.
  2. After entering all data within the original pop up, click the Save & Add Another button. The first response is saved and the pop up resets to become blank so that you can add another entry. When all entries have been completed, click the Save & Close button.
The Save & Add Another button, the Save & Close button, and the Close button at the bottom of question pop ups

If multiple entries are added, a “tree grid view” is automatically created. A green arrow will appear at the left of the question to allow the tree grid view to be collapsed or expanded. A number (2, 3, etc.) will also appear to indicate how many entries have been added for that question.

A multiple entry question expanded with each entry showing and then collapsed to show only the question but no entries

Date fields throughout require a specific format, either month and year or month, day, and year. Date fields accept typed entries. Date fields can also accept data using the calendar icons, which pop out an interactive calendar to allow a date selection.

A date field that requires only two digit month forward slash four digit year and then a date field that requires the full two digit month forward slash two digit day forward slash four digit year

There are many questions that require addresses that include a Country field. The United States of America appears first in these dropdown lists followed by other countries in alphabetical order.

Some fields are required unless you intentionally mark them as not applicable using the NA checkbox next to them. For example, Middle Name is required but, because some people have no middle name, they can mark the NA checkbox to disable that question.

The Middle Name field with its N A checkbox

Only use the NA checkboxes if you do not have or cannot acquire the information requested. Failure to fill in these fields whenever possible could delay processing.